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Friday, September 21, 2012

Illuminati Symbols – The 3 Most Commonly Used Illuminati Symbols

Illuminati Symbols

Illuminati Symbols – The 3 Most Commonly Used Illuminati Symbols

Illuminati symbols can be seen almost everywhere once you are educated on what they are.  Printed on governmental images, money, corporation logos, games, art, music videos and others, these types of symbols are most likely seen by most, everyday, without them even knowing about it.There are three most common Illuminati symbols, the Pyramid, the Eye of Horus, and the Devil Horns, that you can learn to identify and understand some of their basic meanings.

Illuminati Symbols - Illuminati Pyramid

Illuminati Symbolism - The Illuminati Pyramid
The first symbol is the Illuminati Pyramid.  The most common use of this Pyramid that many people see almost everyday is the one on the back of the American dollar bill.  Some have associated this symbol with strength.  Others think it's used out of a respect to ancient cultures that have constructed such wonderful structures.  Some others feel that when it's used, such as on the dollar bill, it shows a conspiracy of secret societies showing their united power over the common person.

Illuminati Symbols - The Eye Of Horus

Illuminati Symbolism - The Eye Of Horus (Eye of Raw)
The Eye of Horus is another interesting Illuminati symbol that is used.  Traditionally it's a symbol that was used by Egyptians as a sign of health and protection.  Today the Illuminati use it either in it's traditional form or as the “all seeing eye” that is shown on top of a pyramid or even on it's own.  The British use the eye in print upon their governmental program that is watching it's citizens.  Many other uses of it are seen in popular culture.  This eye could simply be a symbol for the general watching over one for health and protection, but it could have a deeper meaning of letting one know they are being watched, registered, and recorded.

Illuminati Symbols - Devil Horns - Goats Head

Illuminati Symbolism - Illuminati Devil Horns - Illuminati Goats Head
The third symbol discussed are the Devil Horns or Goats Head.  Many interpret this one as a sign of the occult more so than the rest.  The most popular use of this one besides in print is the hand signal of one holding their middle and ring finger against their thumb to display the horns.  There are a number of influential national leaders and even the pope who have been seen displaying this symbol with their hands. You will definitely see a lot of celebrities using this Illuminati hand sign. Some will interpret this as a sign of Satanism as it originates from Satanic occults. Devil worshipers will use this to demonstrate the fact that they are proud of their worship for the devil. Just remember that the next time you see people using this, it's representing the devils head and horns.

Final Conclusion:
If you watch for these three symbols, you will start to notice them in your day to day life.  Whether they are a common symbol that people enjoy using or real evidence of the Illuminati's power over our everyday life. It is still up for debate in many people's opinion.


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  4. What does actually Illuminati do...?? Some say that they do every activity which destroys peoples' faith in God & even destroy social arrangement like supporting homosexuality...!!

    Is it true...?? What actually Illuminaties do...??

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  7. They are satanic yes, but not the type you think. it really has nothing to do with religion at all. they are rich powerful and smart. they are attempting to achieve their own god-head by obtaining full power and control over the masses .. deciding who lives and dies. altering the weather to their satisfaction. they become god. They want to kill anyone who they believe to be below them. (99% population) to make way for a new world order. they will repopulate with what they believe to be hybrids.

    1. Exactly it is Jehovah God that decides who lives and dies not people. Praise his name! We all will be judged just keep living and it will be seen that Jehovah does not lie

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  11. seuch ignorant people don't let the Illuminati pull you into believing that the orfice is a symbol of theirs don't let them steal it from our history from Egypt.
    it does not belong to them it belongs to us the people there secrets in this world that a bloodline knows,
    all in the dark will come to light there's one God one creator

  12. is there a way to find out if there are local celebrities, such as commedias, that are illumaniti?

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